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Jessica Beer

Artist - Explorer - Educator

Jessica Beer is an abstract painter who resides in the western mountains of Maine.

In 2015 she received her Bachelors in Fine Art from the Maine College of Art, located in Portland, Maine, where she studied Photography, Textile Design, and Printmaking. 


Shortly after graduation, Jessica moved further north to the mountains in seek of a simplified lifestyle focused around outdoor recreation.

 In 2017 Jessica accepted a part-time position at a vibrant Montessori School and began exploring her interests in abstract painting. 

From her home studio, Jessica can hear the bubbling hymn of the Carrabassett River, watch as the snow falls on nearby mountains, and enjoy the peace and quiet of her adopted small town. 

In her free time, Jessica enjoys mountain biking, white water boating, camping, and exploring the great state of Maine with her partner. 

Her creative goals include:

Designing the graphics for a pair of skis, a skateboard, Skida Headwear and Accessories, and craft beer cans!